Humanities- 14 October Thailand Floods Free Write

I am quite excited for the floods to come because the school would get CANCELLED! 🙂 But on the other hand, I think the floods will create quite a lot of damage to the environment and surrounding,  but I still don’t see how flood water can cause a lot of damage.

To my knowledge the Bangkok floods are caused by 3 factors. The first factor is how the dams in the North of Thailand are over flowing with water due to heavy rain fall. This is quite unusual because heavy rain happens every year in Thailand, but this is the first time that it has actually over flown the damns. The second factor is the heavy rain fall that is going to happen in Bangkok at this time of year. This is not that unusual because these rains happens every year. The third and final factor is, in my opinion, the most important factor of the three. At this time of year, a high tide from the gulf of Thailand would be created. This would push the water in the river that is flowing down steam into the sea back up stream again. This would cause a huge bodies of water to crash. The water from the north can’t get into the sea and the high tide can’t get up stream. So the two bodies of water would clash right at Bangkok, since Bangkok is next to the sea and the Chao Pharya River runs through the city. So only with these 3 factors the floods would happen.

This is what I think about the floods that will happen in Bangkok.


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