Technology- Evaluation

For the past 10 lessons of technology class, we have been learning about different drawing techniques. These techniques will help me in the future when I start to create my comfy study designs. Some of the these drawing techniques were much more easier then others. The most easy and the most successful technique I found was the perspective drawing techniques.

There are two types of perspective drawing. One point perspective and two point perspective.  One point perspective is when there is only one vanishing point, while  two point perspective has two vanishing points. I found this drawing technique easy because in year 8 art, we had a whole unit on perspective drawing. This helped me complete the perspective pictures in class with no difficulty at all. I also enjoy this drawing technique the most because with just a few lines, something 3D looking would come out. This makes it simple and wont waste a lot of time on trying to make a simple object look 3 dimensional.

On the other hand, there were some techniques that I found quite challenging. The one that I needed to improve the most was the shading technique. When I drew the whistle, it didn’t really look like a normal whistle because the shading of the wasn’t that good. Shading is a big part of making objects look realistic. If the shading is not right then the whole drawing can look bad. This is exactly what happened to my whistle. The shape of the whistle itself wasn’t that good, and then the shading just made it worse. So the main thing I can improve on is to learn to shade better.

Moving off the paper and onto the technology. Last lesson, we learned how to use 2D Design, it is a simple software which would come in handy when the design stage comes. I have never used 2D Design before in technology, but I soon got the hang of it. I managed to create two designs. One is a third angle drawing of a “L” shape and the other is a birds eye view of a bathroom. The third angle drawing was a really simple and easy task because it was made up of straight lines. Using the “Lock to Grid” tool in 2D Design, this drawing was completed with high precision (meaning all of the sides were the right length) under the limited time given to complete this task. The bird eye view of the bath room how ever proved to be quite challenging. This is because there was sides where it wasn’t straight, but round instead. Below are the two images I created on 2D Design.



The L Shape






One thought on “Technology- Evaluation

  1. Hi Zeyu,

    Some good identification of things that could be improved. Work on explaining with more detail why these would actually improve your drawings and how exactly you could go about making the improvements.

    Mr. Scott

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