Technology- Comfy Study 4

Today I had to re cut some pieces for my design. The two pieces I cut down last lesson was over cut and was too small to fit. So this lesson I measured out the exact size and re-cut out the two pieces, slowly sanding it down to size. For the rest of the class, I used the time to sand each pieces so the sides are smooth. I also tried to tie all of the pieces together with rubber bands and tape so that I can see how everything looks like after it is glued. I also realized that not all of the sides needs to be sanded. This is because some of the sides are covered up by another piece therefore it wont be seen by the user.

The sand Paper I used

What one of my sides should look like



One thought on “Technology- Comfy Study 4

  1. This doesn’t sound like you made a change, it sounds like you made a mistake and then just redid your work correctly the second time around. Is there something more that you haven’t written about?

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