Technology- Comfy Study 5

Today was quite a hard day for me. It is the first day of gluing the pieces together. Gluing wood pieces together isn’t as easy as gluing paper to paper. First of all it is hard to apply the glue to the wooden piece. Second the wood piece wouldn’t stick immediately, unlike gluing paper and paper. I learned that the hard way, thinking that the piece has already been glued to the base but it turned out I was wrong. This caused me to have a lot of glue marking on the piece affecting one of my specification , “Product should have no glue mark showing”. But that didn’t matter because the side of that piece wont be seen by the audience. The rest of the lesson was spent on gluing and drying pieces. Hopefully by the start of next lesson, the glue would have dried, so I can continue to work on improving my final product.

Spreading out the glue for the piece to dry faster

Waiting for the glue to dry


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