Science- Atoms Everywhere

Atoms are everywhere. They are the building blocks of everything at are around us. They are in our food, in our clothes and in our cars. Without atoms, nothing can exist.

When we hare the word atom, we immediately think of a old mad scientist in a chemistry lab doing some crazy experiments. But atoms doesn’t only relate to chemistry, it also relates to all of the other topics in science class, like physics and biology.

Atoms in physics is something really interesting, and a great example of atoms in physics is the Large Hadron Collision (LHC). It is the worlds largest and highest- energy partial accelerator. This machine helps physicists answer some of the most fundamental questions of physics. It is 27 kilometers long, spanning over 3 countries. Here is a short video on how the LHC work:

For more information on LHC’s visit The Particle Adventure website.

Have you ever wondered how plants got energy from the sun? Well that is the magic of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the the work of atoms.  The plants chemically breaks down the suns rays and convert it into energy. The sun produces enough energy a hour that it can power the whole earth for a whole year! This is why scientists are trying to replicate what the plants do, so we can have an unlimited energy source for us to take from. Solar panels are the first step for achieving this goal. As technology develops further, scientist will eventually achieve this goal.

So how does it work? Well… you have to read it yourself here.


One thought on “Science- Atoms Everywhere

  1. good job, the beginning initial explanation is quite good, clear and is a good introduction. you don’t have so much on chemistry but the physics and biology paragraphs are quite clear.

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