Technology- Comfy Study 6

Today was another hard day for me. It was a day where I had to try to finish all of the gluing, because this is the second to last lesson we have in the workshop! But I am not really worried at all because I am really close to completing my final design. The only change I had to make was to change the material of the two pieces that will be my drawer. Until this lesson, I realized that there is still a thinner piece of wood that could be used. So I changed the pieces into the thinner wood so it wouldn’t stand out too far from the face of the drawer. After doing that I glued the two pieces onto a face of the box that I finished gluing last lesson. I also finished gluing on my small table drawer that I have, only leaving me to glue a little piece that attaches both the table and the drawer together. This little piece must be the exact height otherwise the table will be slanted upwards or downwards. This is why I used the bubble thing ( I don’t know what it is called for now) to see if the table is straight. I glued this little piece onto the table but not the drawer. That will be done next lesson. Looking at my product, I don’t think I need to spend any time after school to caught up with my project. I need to be exactly where I need to be.

The thinner piece of wood

Measuring the straightness of my table face


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