Technology- Comfy Study 7

After 7 long days in the workshop, I have finally finished my ergonomic table. It was quite a hard project to do, but not one of the hardest one. Looking at the pictures, I think my product looks pretty well done. But something bad happened at the last minute of the lesson, the glue didn’t settle yet and I tried to move it from the workshop to the classroom, but that caused the glue to break apart. So I need to come in sometimes after school to fix up the gluing and complete my product. Now that my product is done, I must see how good it was to my specifications. Here are my specifications:

  • Product must be designed to solve a problem related to study
  • Product must be designed for a real person (can be yourself, family, friend, etc.)
  • Product must be designed for a real study space (you will need a photo of the real area)
  • Product must be made to the scale of a manikin
  • Product must be made with MDF and or acrylic
  • Final size of product should not exceed 30cm in any given dimension (height, width, depth)
  • Product must be made following templates
  • Product shouldn’t show any type of glue
  • Product must be an ergonomic design
  • Product must help the user in some way
Looking at these specifications, I think I did a really good job of meeting all of them, but some of them might not be meet well meet as others. This product is designed for a study space in my room, and it will help me, providing more storage room for my books and work. In the design stage of the unit, I made sure that my product did not exceed 30cm in any dimension, and after measuring my product that proves to be very true. Next the whole of my product is made out of MDF and I used the template to cut out all of my pieces. Next I placed the manikin next to my product, showing that it is the right size (see photo below). This leaves me with one final specification, “Product shouldn’t show any type of glue”. This was a really hard specification to meet, because when I stared to glue the pieces together, it didn’t as planed. Gluing wood is much harder then gluing acrylic. The glue takes a really long time to dry, and every time it is moved, the piece changes place. Then there is a big glue mark. I tried my best to minimize any glue mark that is done, but most of the glue markings are in places where the user can not be seen. So, I did meet that specification in some way.

Finished Table

Table is perfectly to scale

Today 13/12/2011, I went back to the workshop after school to finish gluing my final design together. It didn’t take me that much time at all, I hope this time the glue would stick the two pieces together.


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