Humanities- Pies and Ropes

This assignment was based on the Cycle of Poverty. The objective was to create a board game that shows the ups and downs of the Cycle of Poverty. The gamed should be based on a Snakes and Ladders game, where the ladders are things that gets you out of poverty and snakes are the things that drags you more into poverty.

I felt that this game was a success. We worked well as a group to complete this project and visual wise it is very eye catching. In my own opinion, the game was quite fun to play. Some of the feed back that we got was that, more pipes and ropes could have been added, and we had to many boxes, so the game took quite a while to finish.

Poverty is a real big issue in the world today around 1/3 of the whole population are in poverty. But they aren’t giving up, but instead are fighting to get themselves to get out of poverty. We learned that getting people out of poverty isnt that easy, but it can be done.

The Cycle of Poverty



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