Science- Blood Glucose Regulation, The Dog Game

After playing the dog game, I didn’t really learn a lot from it. I knew from before that high sugar levels are caused by eating foods with high sugar levels. So the dog’s sugar levels rose when sugary food was given to him. When the blood sugar got very high a insulin shot was given to get the dog’s sugar level back to it’s normal percentage. But I did not know what an insulin was because I did not bother to read the instructions that was very long.

After the lesson, I learned that if blood sugar levels are high then insulin is released by the pancreas which travels in the blood. The target organs for insulin are the liver and muscles. Insulin converts glucose to glycogen which is stored in the liver and  muscles. On the other hand when blood sugar levels are low for example after exercise, the body can be sleepy and have slow reactions times. The body uses negative  feedback by releasing glucagon from the pancreas. This travels all around the body but at the target organs of the liver and muscles, the glucagon converts the stored glycogen into glucose. When sugar levels are too low this is call hypoglycemia.

Overall I think that educational games aren’t such a good idea, especially when there is a lot of words to read.


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