PE- Dance Reflection

Dance in PE is something I look forward to each year in PE. It is also a very vital unit because it is the only chance in the year when we will be graded on Criteria B, (this year is special, because we also have the Basketball Unit where we will do high school musical stuff). So dance is a very important part of your PE year. This years the goal of our composition is to incorporate some aspect of life into our dance. In my dance with Prin, we incorporated a cultural aspect of  life into the dance. We had quite a few challenges, and the first one is the amount of people we had in our group. We only had 2 people, Prin and me, this brings the level of creativity down by a lot. That’s why they say 3 heads are better then 2. But on the other hand it was easier to make decisions since there is only the two of us. If we had to restart our dance, I would make sure our synchronization would be better, because some feed back that we got after the performance was that we both weren’t really in sync. For next year, I would focus on using more levels, as I feel that this year not a lot of levels were used in my performance.

Overall I was very happy with my final dance performance even though some little things can be improved. I enjoyed creating the composition and I am looking forward for the basketball composition unit.

Here is our dance video:


One thought on “PE- Dance Reflection

  1. This work is a great reflection of appropriate choreography with music. You really caught the audience attention – firstly with your costuming and then with your appealing movements. Your costumes strengthened the link between your Bollywood music and your performance. You clearly polished your choreography – and golly – you had a lot to remember! Both of you displayed great energy and flair throughout, for which you can be justifiably proud  Floor patterning was interesting and at times there was a good degree of synchronization both between you as partners and together with the music. With such fast paced music, synchronization was extra challenging. Well done Zeyu, for performing such a lively and creative dance. Thank you!

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