Technology- Relaunch Investigate

In this unit, we are given 3 choices to base the product on.

  1. Using digital technology in an interesting or innovative way, how can you ‘relaunch’ (take something that people are already familiar with and promoting it in a new way by getting people to think about it in a new or different way) a real company or product’s public image with regards to its environmental or social perception in an interesting or innovative way?
  2. Using digital technology in an interesting or innovative way, how can you promote a real club, service activity or event within the local community?
  3. Using digital technology in an interesting or innovative way, how can you teach real people to actually do something they couldn’t do before?

Three Different Problems Analysis:

Relaunch a product that has a bad public imagine:

This choice asks us to relaunch a project or a company that has a bad public image. By using a type of digital media, we must try to change how people see the image of the company again. An example of this is when BP had an oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico causing a huge environmental impact, giving BP a really bad public image. Creating a promoting advertisement would help change people’s perspective of BP. This choice has some challenges in itself, like how can it change people’s perspective on a product/ company. Also finding a company with a bad public image would be difficult because no company will say they have a bad public image.

Promote a service club or activity:

In this choice it asks us how we can use digital technology to promote a real club, service activity or an event in the local community. We must create an interesting product that would get people to want to join into the club or event. This would be quite challenging because it must grab the attention of the target audience so it would cause them to join the club or activity or want to go to the event. That would be the challenging thing to achieve.

Teaching someone something new:

This choice asks us to create a media that will teach the viewer a new skill. This skill can be of learning to do something new or just one of those “How to” videos that teaches you to do simple things. In my own opinion, this is the hardest out of the three choices that we have to choose from. We must make sure that the viewer actually learned the skill that I was trying to teach them. If this is not achieved, then the project won’t be a success.

Final Decision:

I am choosing to base my product on question number 2, which is to promote a service activity, club or an event. I chose this problem because I am involved in quite a few different service clubs and I would like to promote one of them, so the community would get a better idea of what that service club does for the community.

Service Activities/ Club Choices:

This is when I choose the service activity or club that I want to base my promotion project on. A final decision will be made.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations and it is held in schools word wide. Its aim is to educate students about current global issues that are happening around the world today. A lot of people have heard of MUN before, but with its complex structure and different terminologies not a lot of people have a real idea of what MUN is about, unless you are part of the club.

Amnesty International 

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization that helps fight for human rights around the world. The Amnesty club at school has dropped a lot in number because not a lot of people are into the issues we have at hand. Using media, this club can be promoted so more members can be aware of the big human rights issues at hand.

Children of the Forest

Children of the Forest (COF) is a small organization located near the Thai- Burmese border. This organization mainly helps the families that have fled from Burma into Thailand. They provide a free school that takes in about 200 students and educate them with the Thai curriculum. A free lunch is also provided for the children. Some children live on the school campus helping out with the farming and performing community service. It is a small organization and not a lot of people know about it and the best way to help them is to raise awareness about the issue they have at hand.

Final Decision:

My final decision is to make my project on Model United Nations. I have been involved in it for quite a while now and I believe that everyone knows about what this club does but they all have the least knowledge about it. They view this as some sort of place where the smart people would go, but that is completely wrong. This is why promoting the club would help people understood that there is more to MUN.

Form of Media   

This is where I compare all the different forms of media that can be used to promote the chosen club.  A final decision will be made.

Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Flash is a very program that I am very familiar with. I have started to learn how to use the program since year 7. This program for me is quite easy to use, but it would be challenging to create a promotion advertisement for MUN as this is quite a big thing.  Quite a few things have to be involved in order to make it become a success. This choice would be very time consuming and given the time limits we have, it isn’t really a good idea.

Stop Motion Video

Stop motion video is a series of pictures that are linked together to form a movie. Each picture doesn’t move that fast so the individual frame can be seen. I have tried to create a stop motion video, but it didn’t work quite well. The main problem was that setting the camera so that it would take a picture at the right speed, and move my stick figures so that they don’t seem to be walking then suddenly rushing and then walking in slow motion. That would be the main problem that I would face if stop motion video was the one to use.

Video (Movie Maker, iMovie)

Filming a video is a real classic way to promote something. I have made my own videos before and I think it is something quite easy to do. After filming the video, it will be edited using movie maker or iMovie, adding effects to the movie, making it look better. The main problem with videoing is how to make sure that the sound is being picked up and how the video would come out in a good quality. But these are some minor issues and can be fixed with the movie making software.

Mobile Phone Application

A smart phone application is something that would come quite in handy. There are a lot of smart phone users around the world today so the market is out there. I have never made a smart phone application and I imagine it is quite hard. But there is a website where the app can be made easily without any programing needed. I also know some basic facts about applications. There are three major operating systems; the iOS, the Blackberry and the Android. But apart from that I really don’t know how to create an application.

Common Craft

Common craft is like a video, but instead of having real people acting in it, imagines are used. They cut out imagines that
are used to explain what is going on. It is a simple but effective way to communicate what has to be said. From past
experience I know that creating a common craft is something very hard to do. Lots of planning must be done and other small variables make it very hard to complete. In short, this would be a very time consuming product to create. With not a lot of lessons it is not one of the best forms of media that can be used.

Final Decision:

After looking through all of the different choices, I have decided to create an application for smart phones. Even though I have no past experience on how to create an application, but I think creating an application in this case would be the best choice. This is because lots of information could be put onto an application. So the application not only helps to promote MUN, but it can also give tips and hints on the little stuff that happens in MUN. So ultimately this application would provide a big general guide on what will happens in MUN.

Design Brief:

The school has asked you to promote their Model United Nations club as its members have been dropping in recent years. They have asked you to develop a smart phone application in hopes that it will help promote the club. The application should be easy to use and should contain tips and information about this club. It is your job to make sure MUN can run in the future with more members attending.

Target Audience:

The target audience of this product would be students that still attend the MUN conference at NIST. The minimum year level for MUN at NIST is year 9 so the target audience would approximately be 13 to 19 of age.

Guiding Questions

How will the club be promoted through this media?

Using applications the club can be easily promoted. First of all an application is easily accessible to everyone, it can be easily downloaded onto a smart phone. Also an application is easy to use; everything is laid out in a logical order so the user can easily understand how it works. Also an application can contain more information than just help promote the club; it can give some tips and contain some vital information that will help the user creating a successful application.

How will the application be created?

Creating a real life application would be something very hard to do. There are a lot of techniques and skills involved in creating a successful application. With the time limit I have, I believe I do not have enough time to completely understand how to create an application. This is why I will be using an online program called “iBuildApp”. It is a simple website that helps you create an application. I have had a try at it, and it is quite an easy website to use.

Steps in order for the application to be created (brief explanation):

  1. After logging into “iBuildApp” select “Create App”
  2. Create new pages
  3. Add different information to pages
  4. Add extra media to the application
  5. Test the application
  6. Improve application (from feedback)
  7. Test the application again
  8. Publish application

What information would be needed in order to create the application?

MUN has complex structure and has a lot of different rules. So it is essential to know the different rules that MUN has in order for my application to be a success. Some of the important documents are already on the NIST portal, but it is quite hard to find. This is why; these helpful, useful documents would be put into my application so that it is easily accessible.

What must be included (in terms of design interface) in the application to make it appealing?

The best applications are the ones that provide the consumer with what they need or want. According to Net Zone, the best applications are the ones that load fast and have no advertisements and have a reliable source of information. Also everyone will stop when they reach a big block of text, so visuals are very essential in making my application interesting. The application also needs to be organized in a logical order so information can be easily found on the application making it easier for the consumer.

Which operating system does the target audience?

Since my application is going to run on a smart phone, some research would be needed to know which operating system my target audience uses the most. This why, I can create a wider market.

||||| ||||| ||
||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||
||||| ||||| |
Others (smart phone)
Normal Phones
||||| |||


From this survey we can see that a majority of the target audience uses the blackberry system, but from this there is a problem, this is because “iBuildApp” does not create a blackberry application. This is why my application would be supported by iOS and Android. Both of this can be created by using the “iBuildApp” website.


This survey would ask what the target audience knows already about MUN, so I would know what to include in the promotion.

Questions to be asked:

  1. What do you know about MUN already?
  2. Do you think promoting MUN on an application is a good idea?
  3. What could be on a MUN application for a smart phone?

10 Interviewees from the target audience:

Year: 10
Age: 14

  1. Nothing
  2. Yes
  3. Explanation of how MUN works

Year: 10
Age: 15

  1. MUN is some kind of conference to do with countries
  2. Yes, maybe if it is a good application
  3. Since I don’t know much about MUN the application could be something to explain to me what MUN is about.

Year: 11
Age: 16

  1. Something where students can discuss ideas or questions depending on the country they represent
  2. Yes
  3. How MUN works.

Year: 9
Age: 13

  1. I know that MUN is where you go and pretend to represent a country
  2. No because that’d be weird
  3. Live stream updates from SEASAC conferences.

Year: 13
Age: 18

  1. It’s about the UN and about debates.
  2. It depends what it is about.
  3. Some information to help with the debate.

Year: 11
Age: 15

  1. I know that the MUN ‘mimics’ the activity taking place in the US government house and acts as an academic simulation for people of all ages and all schools to follow the news and current global activity – not much more though.
  2. I think it is a great idea; people would have their eyes opened.
  3. Information like: past videos, how it works, what it is, how it benefits you, why you should do it

Year: 12
Age: 17

  1. MUN is a simulation of the UN that helps students understand international relations and debating within the UN.
  2. YES definitely, there needs to be an app for MUN
  3. Stuff for newbies (procedures, terminology, background info, how to write speeches, etc.), a section for current events that gives up to date news and maybe a section for MUN jokes.

Year: 10
Age: 14

  1. I know that it is model United Nations and that it helps kids get better at public speaking among other important skills.
  2. Yes it will help make it more approachable for kids.
  3. Maybe a good outline for how to write a speech

Year: 12
Age: 16

  1. It’s the Model United Nations, where people dress up and act like country representatives and debate on a hot topic!
  2. Yes to some extent.
  3. It would be nice if people can role play on the application and actually become virtual representatives and debate on a global issue.

Year: 10
Age: 14

  1. I actually do not know much about MUN, only that it is a group of schools competing against each other and they represent different countries
  2. Yes
  3. Some pictures from the last MUN events that show its main idea and a small briefing about what the students do and why they do so.

Analysis of Survey

From the survey, I can see that most people don’t really know what MUN is all about. This is a good sign for me because that means there people in the target audience that has no idea how MUN works. Also 90% of the results said that creating an MUN application would be a great idea. This is giving me support and it will make sure that I have a market to present my application at. Also some people gave really good ideas for what would be good on the application. This way it would incorporate the target audience’s idea, making them want to download the application onto their smart phone.

Design Specifications

  1. The application must work.
  2. The application must be made within the given time limit.
  3. The application must have at least 6 different pages.
  4. The application must promote MUN club.
  5. The application must provide useful information about the MUN club.
  6. The application should be easy to use and understand.
  7. The application must have an original design.
  8. The application must be suitable for the target audience.

Analysis of each specification

Specification Analysis
The application must work. There would be no point in creating an application if the application doesn’t work.
The application must be made within the given time limit. There is a very strict time limit for me to complete the application, so something big would be hard to create. So my design must be a realistic design.
The application must have at least 6 different pages. There will be a lot of information on my application and in order for it to be organized pages must be added so that everything would be in a logical order.
The application must promote MUN club. This specification stops me from going off tasks in the create stage. Limiting my application only to things to do with MUN.
The application must provide useful information about the MUN club. This specification will make sure my application is useful for the consumers. The application my provide information that can be used.
The application should be easy to use and understand. This specification helps me thing about my target audience and their knowledge about MUN. So it must be easy to understand and to follow.
The application must have an original design. This specification helps me make sure that the application is my original design and not copied from somewhere else.
The application must be suitable for the target audience. The point of this project is to provide my target audience with information about MUN so the information must be suitable for the audience.

Comparison of specification to product

Specification Mark/ Comment
The application must work.
The application must be made within the given time limit.
The application must have at least 6 different pages.
The application must promote MUN club.
The application must provide useful information about the MUN club.
The application should be easy to use and understand.
The application must have an original design.
The application must be suitable for the target audience.

Final Evaluation Survey Questions (for target audience)

Question Answer – Comment
Did the application work and run in a smooth way?
Was the application well organized and easy to follow?
Did you learn a lot from using this application? If yes, what did you learn?
Did the application promote MUN? How did it promote it?
Does it contain more than 6 pages of information?
How interesting was the application? Did the visual images help?
Any improvements that can be made for the application?
Any other comments?


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  1. Rather than showing every response from your survey, it may be better in the future to summarize the important information (and possibly include the full findings as some form of appendix).

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