Technology- Relaunch Create 2

2(14/03/2012) 20 Finish the homepage  

  1. Open up iBuildApp website
  2. Open up the application
  3. Add finishing touches to the application homepage


This section would be used to finish the homepage of the application. With this 80 minutes time frame (plus the 60 minutes of last lesson)

Computer, Internet access
60 Start creating the “Rules” page 

  1. Open up the rules page
  2. Change the format of the page to comply with the information
  3. Research and add information into the page

This would be the first of many pages that would be made in this application in this section

HOMEWORK(14/03/2012) 20 Finish creating “Rules” page 

  1. Add any aditional information to the rules page
  2. Research more information if needed


This section would give me sometime at home to finish off my rules page if I havent done so already.

Computer, Internet access
10 Create blog post

  1. Take a screen shot of how far the application has been made
  2. Post on a new blog post
  3. Writie a summary of what has been done today


This blog post is for the pourpose of showing evidience that the product is created by me. It also gives me a chance to state the modifications that has been made to the plan from this second lesson.

Today in the lesson I had a 20 minutes head start with the rules page because my homepage has already been completed. This helped me make a lot of progress through class. But halfway through the class, my work progress got interrupted by a science class that came in to measure our body length for their genetics unit. This caused me to lose some time to work but it was no more then 10 minutes. This time loss would be added to the time that I planned to work on the page at home, making it a 30 minute work section. This way I would keep up with my plan, and start working on other pages for next lesson.

Basic Rules Page


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