Personal Project Ideas

Since the start of my secondary school life I have heard stories about the personal project and now it is finally upon me. I have started to think about different project ideas that I can base my project on.

1. Make a Violin

I have been a violin player for a very long time and I am very passionate about it. I have always wanted to make a violin of my own because I wanted to get the experience and the process of creating one. This would be part of the Human Ingenuity in the area of interaction because the product would be something that a man has created. This would quite a challenge for me because I only know how to play a violin but not actually know how to make one.

2. NIST Eco Green Club

 After visiting the GIN conference in Manila in February, I have realized how un-environmentally friendly our community is. Other schools at the GIN conference does and have a lot of recycling programs and other ways to conserve the environment. There was even this one school that transformed waste plastic bottles into blankets for the poor to use. I believe that some of the things that i have learned at GIN can be applied for use at NIST.


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