Technology- Relaunch Create 3

Lesson 3 for my create stage has not been good. I have fallen sick and couldn’t go to school. So they only way to keep up with my create stage is to complete lesson 3’s things at home. This way by the next lesson I will be fully on track with my create stage.


3(21/03/2012) 50 Start and finish creating “What is it?” page

  1. Create page from the home page of the application
  2. Set page style as a HTML
  3. Write a summary of what MUN is about


This would be the section that helps the user get an overview of what MUN is. The shor summary of MUN would be very appling to the target audience therefore making them want to join the club.

Computer, Internet access 
30 Start creating “Resoultions” page

  1. Create the appoperate page for the resoultion page
  2. Make sure the page is in the right formate
  3. Try to finish 1 subpage of the resoultion page


This time in class would help me get started with the resoultion page. The resolution page would be one of the biggest pages that I would have to create, therefore it would take the most time.

HOMEWORK(21/03/2012) 10 Create blog post

  1. Take a screen shot of how far the application has been made
  2. Post on a new blog post
  3. Writie a summary of what has been done today


This blog post is for the pourpose of showing evidience that the product is created by me. It also gives me a chance to state the modifications that has been made to the plan from this third lesson.

Computer, Internet access

I have completed what I have to do for lesson 3. The “What is it?” page is complete and I have started work on the “Resolutions” page. Now I can say that I have caught up with my work from last lesson, I can work on the next thing that comes up in my plan. Below is the finished “What is it?” page that I have completed at home.


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