Humanities- Its All Connected Final Reflection

What did you learn about the content?

From this project I have learned that in order for a product to get into our homes or onto our dinner table, it has to go through a long process. First natural resources are extracted from the earth. This is the first step that the product would travel on. I have also learned that the environment would take the most impact and damage in this stage of the cycle. At the production stage where the raw material is being turned into the product, social impacts can be seen. The workers don’t get paid enough because they want to keep the final price of the product down. Another thing that I have realized from this is that when consuming a product you are also consuming other things that comes along with the product like the packaging. This just makes me realize that people are spending extra unnecessary on things that might not be important or even part of the final product. This not only wastes extra resources are used, but also it creates extra waste that cannot be disposed of, damaging the environment and polluting the world.

What did you learn about YOURSELF in the process?

From this project, I have learned that I am a very lazy person. I have learned that my time management skills are not that good and I have miss quite a few personal deadlines that I have set myself. Even though I completed the project on time, but my time management skills can be improved. I also need to control myself because I do procrastinate a lot but when I work it is very effective.

How can or will you use this knowledge in the future?

This knowledge would come quite handy in the future when I go out to buy things. I know understand how hard it is for a product to get to the selves of the store and how it impacts the environment. Also I would think before I buy a product now, I will visualize the process that the product goes through and think if it is actually worth to buy the product or not. This would help save the environmental if I become more cautious of the things that I buy and use. It also brought my attention to reusing and recycling objects. The earth’s resources are limited and there is only so much we can take from it so reusing the resources and recycling it would help reduce some pressure on the earth. Every small step would help.


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