Technology- Relaunch Create 6

In class today I have finished the picture and glossary page. Even though the images doesn’t show up on the “Live Preview” but I know that they will come up in the final application. The glossary page has also been completed. I have added the bibliography under the glossary because there were no other place to place the work cited. After the 60 minutes, I didn’t get the chance to finish off the preparation page. So that (as I said below) will become homework.

6(30/03/2012) 60 Finish “MUN Prepeartaion” page

  1. Add details and other information to the page
  2. Finish the page


By the end of this 60 minutes, my aim is to have finished the page. If not done so it shall be homework.






Computer, Internet access


20 Start to create “Picture” and “Glossary” page

  1. Open the new pages
  2. Make sure they are in the right format
  3. Add information to the pages


These two pages are the easiest to make out of all the pages, therefore it should take a long time to complete.

10 Create blog post

  1. Take a screen shot of how far the application has been made
  2. Post on a new blog post
  3. Writie a summary of what has been done today


This blog post is for the pourpose of showing evidience that the product is created by me. It also gives me a chance to state the modifications that has been made to the plan from this sixth lesson.

Finish “MUN Prepeartion” page if not done so already  If the MUN Preperation isn’t complete by the end of lesson 6, then it becomes homework, no extra time in class can be wasted on this. Computer, Internet access


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