Music- Copy Performance Reflection

Describe in detail the steps you took as an individual to prepare for your performance.  Include research you conducted (you must reference this), practice time and assistance you sought from teachers and peers.

It has be quite a process for me to get to the performance stage. First our group decided to play “Here Comes the Sun written by the Beatles. I was told to sing for this song. I didn’t know this song very well so I had to go home and listen to the song a lot. After a single period of rehearsing the song, Mr. David came in and gave our group some advice on what we should do, making us decide to change our song from “Here Comes the Sun” into “Something” another song by the Beatles. This caused some problems for me. First the score is transposed to a new key because then it would make it easier on the vocalist (Chaina). Transposing the guitar and bass score was easily done but my violin section had to be done note by note. It is hard to transpose something note by note by hand and the error level can be quite high. This is why I imputed my score section into Sibelius and transposed the score from there. With all the music sorted out, our group started to practice. I remembered the song structure so that in practice we don’t always have to start from the top. I wasn’t very familiar with the music so I went home and listened to the music while reading the score. As there are chords and double stopped notes for the first times I just played the root note. Later on as I felt more comfortable with the piece, I started to play both notes. This is what I did to prepare for the final performance.

Evaluate in detail the effectiveness of the steps taken above.  Did these steps work – why or why not?  Discuss aspects of your preparation such as time-management, organization, commitment, knowledge and understanding, and technical skill acquired.


I was a very organized person, as the schools violin strings wasn’t that good, it changed how the overall sound would sound like. This is why I had to bring my own violin to school every time we had a music lesson. This way I can make sure that the the right note can be played bring the musical score to the rehearsals. I remembered to bring my instrument every time we had a rehearsal, along with my instrument, I also brought the music sheet for the song. Not only for my part but the whole score, this way if any of my group members for get theirs, mine would be there for them to have.

Time Management

I managed my time very nicely knowing when to practice what. I imputed the music onto Sibelius at home so that I wont waste any rehearsal time at school in doing that. Also we were really clear on what we needed to rehearse on and  spent more time on the harder sections of the piece.

Technical Skill

The strings part for this song wasn’t that hard, it was very straight forward and easy to play. The only hard section is when the double stops are played. I had to practice these double stops so that the interval between the notes are good making the combination sound good together.


I was very committed to this project, practicing my part at home so that it would be perfect when it is played at school rehearsal with my other band members. Also I imputed the whole strings section onto Sibelius so that I can transpose the music into the right key so it can be played correctly.

Knowledge and Understanding

To get a better understanding of how the song is played, I followed along with the score while listening to the soundtrack on YouTube. This gave me a better understanding of how to play the piece, adding emotion and feeling while playing.

I believe that the steps I took was very organized and structured in a nice way and it worked very well. The steps I took helped me create a good final piece of performance. I didn’t face any major obstacles, only small minor ones which could be tackled easily.

Describe in detail the steps you took with your group to prepare for your performance.  Include your practice plans, leadership roles, challenges and obstacles faced, and how you used class time.

After changing our song to “Something” we started to practice our song straight away, because we knew that there are

only a few lessons left before the performance. With the new song it fits in more with the amount of people we have and what each person can do. Daniel is playing bass, Chaina is singing and playing the guitar and I will be playing the violin part. We told each other to practice our parts at home so that we wont waste time in class. In class we practiced the song in different sections so that we can master the sections individually. This prepared us and we would know our score very well so that we would never get lost. The main challenge we faced was getting the guitar solo part right. First of all, Chaina wasn’t very familiar with it so we had to spend some time listening to the recording on Youtube so that the tempo and tune would be right. Then it was trying to match the bass with the solo. There is just one bar where it keeps on breaking apart. We decided to play it slowly beat by beat. This helped our group bring everyone together. Then we told Chaina to practice the solo at home so that he would get the beat finalized. On performance day, we got some time to practice. This time the solo part fits in perfectly. In the actual performance the solo was a bit too slow causing Daniel and I to go out of beat. But this can be easily fixed with just a few more short practices on that section. This showed how we have successfully faced a challenge and over come it. One big challenge our group faced was when all of us got sick because of food poisoning. It was such a coincidence that we all had the same food and all fell sick. This caused us time to rehearse for our performance. We didn’t really have a leader in the group but we would help each other out in times of trouble. This showed how well we collaborate with each other and that we are a very good group.

Evaluate in detail the effectiveness of the steps taken above in your group.  Did these steps work – why or why not?  Discuss aspects of your preparation such as time-management, organization, commitment, knowledge and understanding, and technical skill acquired.

Time Management

Time management is something important in order to create a band. We must know what we have to practice otherwise we wont get through the whole piece on time for the performance. We decided to practice the piece in sections, spending more time on the harder parts and just skimming through the easier sections. This technique proved to be very effective because it gave us a lot of time to practice the hard sections, but we still had time to go over the easier parts.


Our group were very organized, every time we practiced we would have our stuff and things we need with us. This didn’t waste a lot of our time to set up for a practice session, which shows our organization is very well. Also we bring our scores to practice so we will have something to refer to when there is something wrong.


Everyone was very committed, except when our whole band got very sick. Our health cost us to perform with the rest of the class, so we had to perform on a later date. Daniel practiced very hard on the bass at home so he can get the bass line perfect and ready to perform.

Knowledge and Understanding

Everyone in the group had quite a lot of knowledge about the Beatles and they also understand what the song is about. We did as a group listen to the song multiply times so we would know the beat and get the general tune of the song.

Technical Skill

Chaina and Daniel both faced technical skill difficulties in this project. Chaina have been playing the guitar for a very long time, but he made it much more challenging for himself by singing the song while playing the guitar. Daniel had to learn how to play a completely new instrument, the bass guitar. He practiced at home for a long time so he knows what to play when he is performing the song.

Our groups plans were very effective and they are very smart as well, this gave us an advantage, because a good plan would always bring a good performance.

Read over the descriptors for criterion B carefully. Identify which mark you think your earned. 

I believe that everyone in my group deserves no less then an eight.

Give a detailed description of why you think you earned this mark.  Remember that part of your success in this course depends upon your ability to accurately evaluate your work.  Be truthful with yourself.

I believe that everyone in my group can achieve at least a level 8 is because everyone strong and excellent technical skill on the instruments that they were playing. Even though it was Daniel’s first time on the bass, he still did a very good technical job on it, the same goes with Chaina and his vocal skills. All of us knew what to play and when to play it (except for a single part where we broke apart for a bit). Our group also showed great team effort and each of us has mastered or has a high degree of skill in the part that we are playing.

Identify one area for improvement.  What are you going to focus on to improve your work? 

My goal for improvement in the next performance is to improve on my intonation. In the performance there were are few notes that wasn’t in the right pitch, even though they are just slightly off but it didn’t sound good and makes me uncomfortable when listening to the recording.

My other goal is to make the section that I am playing harder. Right now the strings section is too easy for me to play, not challenging me in anyway. So I propose for me to sing the song along with Chaina when playing the violin. This would be something challenging for me because I have never tried singing and playing at the same time, so it would be very interesting.

Write up a plan for how you are going to reach your goal.  This can be a series of bullet points or a detailed paragraph or two.

My plan to achieve my goal is to come up with a good fingering plan for me to use, also the high note’s intonation is the hardest to get right so more time should be spent on that. Also the double stop notes, the spacing between the fingers must be perfect so the sound would sound amazing together. Practicing the position change would also help me so that in the performance I can grab the note in one go.

My plan for me to achieve my second goal is to first learn the lyrics of the song. When the lyrics are engraved into my mind it would be much easier for me to concentrate on playing the violin instead of singing the lyrics. Then I will slowly try to coordinate the bowing with the lyrics, allowing me to sing and play at the same time. This process would be a long and hard one, and in the end my goal might not be achieved, but it always wroth while to give it a try to push myself to the limits.

My Group Performance 


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