Technology- Relaunch Create 7

The pictures and glossary section of the application is completed, making me right on schedule. I have decided to add my work cited to the end of the glossary page because there wasn’t a page where I could add the bibliography. Over all, I am nearly done with the application and there are just a few final touches to be made.

7(04/04/2012) 20 Finish “Picture” and “Glossary” page 

  1. Add final pictures and words to pages
  2. Complete pages by the end of this time


By the end of this 20 minutes, the picures and glossary page should be complete.






Computer, Internet access




20 Add finishing touches to any of the pages

  1. Add extra information to any pages
  2. Change layout of pages


In this time, some extra information could be added to any of the pages. Also if a layout of a page is incorrect, then it could be corrected.

40 Ask suggestions from peers

  1. Ask student to test out application
  2. Grade it against the design specifications
  3. Receive feedback


This short 40 minute time frame would be used for me to gain feedback from the target audience about what needs to be improved inorder to create a more successful application. I would also grade the application against the design specifications that has been created.






10 Create blog post

  1. Take a screen shot of how far the application has been made
  2. Post on a new blog post
  3. Writie a summary of what has been done today


This blog post is for the pourpose of showing evidience that the product is created by me. It also gives me a chance to state the modifications that has been made to the plan from this sixth lesson.


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