Technology- Relaunch Create 8

Today was a productive day, I asked my peers to take a look at my application and give it some feedback and using this feedback I have improved my application. I have started to look through the publishing process and have made extra pages like the Splash Screen and the Application Icon. Next lesson I will finish publishing my application and test it on a mobile device.

8(19/04/2012) 50 Update application using feedback given 

  1. Final modification
  2. Download application to mobile device
  3. Test application out


This time would be used for making the last few modifications to my application using the feedback that I have recived. Also, downloading the application onto a mobile device would help me check the formating out.  

Computer, Internet access



20 Start publishing application  

  1. Click on the publishing tab
  2. Follow steps to publish application


This is the final stage of creating a sucessful application is to publish the application. This way the application can be used by the public.

10 Create blog post

  1. Take a screen shot of how far the application has been made
  2. Post on a new blog post
  3. Writie a summary of what has been done today


This blog post is for the pourpose of showing evidience that the product is created by me. It also gives me a chance to state the modifications that has been made to the plan from this eighth lesson.


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