Technology- Relaunch Create 9

Today is one of the smoothest day in the whole create process. I published my application and installed it in a mobile device. Everything moves smoothly on the application but some minor adjustments has to be made. Unfortunately the application is not widely available in the App Store (for Apple) or the Play Store (for Android) but it is publicly available in the IBuildApp Web Application store where the application can be downloaded and installed onto your Android phone. It doesn’t work on an Apple phone because in order to work on Apple, the developer of the application needs to pay the App Store.  Here is the link to download the application:

9(23/04/2012) 50 Finish Publishing Application  

  1. Follow the instructions given
  2. Publish Application
  3. Download Application


This time is used to finish off the publishing process of the application.



Computer, Internet access

30 Try Application out on mobile device  

  1. Install the application to a moble device
  2. Test out if everything works
  3. Enjoy the application


This is the final stage of my create. It is to download it onto a mobile device so that it can be used.


One thought on “Technology- Relaunch Create 9

  1. You have demonstrated very good technical skill.
    You have shown effective evidence of you making your solution during the create process.
    You have clearly justified any modifications you made while creating.

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