Personal Project- After the Meeting

Today I had my first personal project meeting with Ms. Teresa. We discussed different topics that I had in mind of what my personal project would be based on. I had 3 major topics in mind, creating an instrument, something to do with the environment and finally making a magnetic motor.

The Erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument

Since even before this personal project came upon me, I thought of ideas and one of them was to make a violin. I have been playing the violin for a long time and I believe to make a better sound quality (timbre) I should understand how a violin is made. This would help me develop on my violin skills and also my musical understanding as a whole. Even though this was my first choice but after talking to my violin teacher and doing some simple research, I realized how hard it was to make one. This is why my teacher suggested me to make an Erhu instead. Even though the Erhu is something much more realistic that I can create and has somewhat connections to the violin, but it doesn’t fully resemble it. There are also a lot of difference on how the two instruments and how they are made. So I think by making an Erhu I wont actually learn anything new related to the violin.

After coming back from GIN Manila 2012 something I brought back to school is how un-green our school is. So my idea is to create some thing that would improve the environment of the school. My idea is to create a presentation addressing the environmental issues that NIST is currently facing. Also plans I would make plans on how NIST can solve these issues. This then will be present this to the administration and the school board and hopping that they would take action to make NIST a greener place. On a long term, I would start an environmental club at NIST so we can continue to take action even after my personal project is finished. This would have a long impact on the NIST community as a whole.

Opposites attract, similar repel each other

The last idea I had was to create an magnetic motor. This motor would be only moved by the power of magnets. Opposite poles attract and similarity poles repel each other. By using this law, a simple motor can be created by positioning the magnets so that they would push away from each other causing it to have a kinetic motion. This motion can then be transformed into electricity by having a coil of wire spinning through a magnet. This is a way of is another way of producing electricity in a way that would not do any damage to the environment, creating another renewable energy source for the world to use.

After talking to Ms. Teresa about these topics it was time for me to decide on what to do. Since making a violin would be too hard and making an Erhu is quite different from a violin that is why I decided not to make that. A magnet motor would be very interesting and it will challenge me in a new way. The environmental issue is something that I am more familiar and I feel that it will help me learn in the future. This is why I choose to base my personal project on the environment issue.



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