Personal Project- Ready…Set…GO!

At this stage, I have decided on the topic and made clear goals on what my final projectsunset Masai Mara
would be about. My topic for this personal project is to create a presentation and present it to the NIST administration about how NIST can be a much more eco-friendly school. My goal is to make NIST a much more greener place so that we as students would be more aware of important going green is.

I believe protecting is something every important, it acts like a big umbrella issue that covers all of the smaller issues that goes under it. This project is very realistic and feasible because after going to the Manila GIN conference I got to see first hand what different schools are doing to help the environment. Then reflecting back onto NIST, I feel that a lot can be adapted and also a lot more can be put in place, making NIST a truly eco-friendly school.


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