Technology- Relaunch Evaluation

This relaunch unit has been a major challenge for me in technology. It is the first time that I had to go through a whole design cycle all by myself and complete the project with minimal teacher guidance.

Design Stages


In the investigation stage, I thought I did quite a good job. I considered the choices I had and justified my decisions. I laid everything out logically, so it is easy to understand what steps I took to reach the decision that I have made. I could have come up with different ways of testing my product, so later on in the design cycle it will be easier to do so. Also I learnt that instead of placing the whole survey in the investigation I would just have to summarize the main points that I got from that survey.


The design stage was quite a challenging one for me, this is because I had troubles in what to include in this stage. Since I was creating an application I didn’t know what the design would look like. Since I am using the IBuildApp website, there were limited features and designs I could use. That is why a site map was created. Using online family tree software, I managed to create three different site maps that I can base my application on. I chose the most appropriate one and developed it further so that it would be used as my final design.


Planning was easy stage for me. I visualized what I had to complete in the amount of time I had and planned out the sections accordingly. I knew already which pages would take longer to make and which would be easier to do so I gave more time priority to the ones that took longer. I also gave myself time at home to catch up with the work or do the blog post. In short; I didn’t face any major challenges in this stage of the design cycle.


Create was the most interesting stage of the design cycle. This is because after all of this designing and planning, I finally get to actually make the product. Along the way, I faced some minor issues with the program, but it was soon resolved. Although the final publishing didn’t go as planned because placing an application in the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android) requires the developer of the application to pay from 25 up to 99 dollars. Even though this was quite unexpected, but we still managed to download an Android version of the application and placed it on an Android device to check out the final quality of the application.


I constructed a survey on Survey Monkey using the test questions I have written in the investigation phase of this project. A total of 14 people took the survey and here are the results from the major questions.

Did the application work and run in a smooth way?

This test question is somewhat related to the first specification, as shown in the graph 13 people said that it ran smoothly. There is a single person that didn’t think the application ran smoothly. There was no reason box, so I had no way of knowing why the application wasn’t smooth.

Did you learn a lot from using this application?

Even though only 8 people said that they learnt something from the application, but they found it filled with information. Some said that they just learnt general overview about what MUN is, and others found specific pages useful to them. The few people that didn’t learn a lot from this application was because that they were already participated in MUN so they already the information the application provides for them.

Did the application promote MUN?

The whole point of this project was to promote a service project or a club at NIST and with 9 people saying that this application does that suggests that the application is a success. Not only were the votes, the comments also very positive. “It gives people a better idea of it” one said, “Tells about everything” says another. The real success is to try to get people convinced to come and join MUN (design brief) and with the comment “Now I want to sign up for MUN cause it looks so awesome” shows that I have achieved it.

How interesting was the application?

8 people said that this application wasn’t interesting at all. This is because there were a lot of words and hardly any visual images to go along. This is just like reading an essay, which everyone doesn’t like doing. Another 6 people said that the application was somewhat interesting. This might be because they found some parts of the application useful or they have some knowledge of MUN so it grabbed their attention. This is one of the things that I can improve on making my application better.

Rating the application

A total of 3 people rated my application an 8 out of 10. This is a fairly high number, but on the other hand 3 people also rated it a 4. These rating are opinion based and it is what each person think about my application. This is why I got a mean of these 14 rating, which are 6.416. This tells me that the application is acceptable, but it could improve a lot.

Asking target audience for improvement

Too many words

What to add to improve application

After asking my target audience what they thought I can improve, the only most frequent word that came up was words. They wanted me to cut down on the number of words I used or add images and pictures to the information to make it much more interesting for the viewers to view.

If I was to redo this project, I would try to minimize the amount of words I used and add more pictures and images so that the application would be visually appealing for the target audience and people won’t be bored of the application.

Design Specifications

1. The application must work.

After downloading the application and placing it in an Android phone, it showed that the application worked perfectly well. Everything was smooth and the online software worked very well.

2. The application must be made within the given time limit.

With 9 lessons of create and a week long holiday in-between, I managed to complete the application with time to spare at the end. This time gave me extra time to test out the application and try to fix things that didn’t really work or turn out right in the actual application.

3. The application must have at least 6 different pages.

This application offers 6 different and unique pages on topics related to MUN. It gives the audience a whole over view about what MUN will be about.

4. The application must promote MUN club.

After the completing the survey, it is agreed by the target audience that the application does promote application, and it wanted viewers to join the club. This is a great success for the purpose my application.

5. The application must provide useful information about the MUN club.

There is a lot of different information on what MUN offers, from dress code to writing resolutions, it is all included in a single application so it is easy for users to find and use.

6. The application should be easy to use and understand.

The application was kept in a simple language and technical MUN terms are all listed in a glossary so the views would know the meaning of each individual word.

7. The application must have an original design.

The design was a pre- made template from the IBuildApp website. Using that template, I transformed the design into a MUN style design, with the blue UN colour and the UN logo at the back. This I can say that it is an original design that I have come up with myself.

8. The application must be suitable for the target audience.

The application survey was sent to the target audience and from the results, it can be concluded that the application was suitable for the target audience.

Distribution of Application

To mass distribute my application, the first step would be placing the finished application on the Play Store and the App store. This way it would be publicly available for users from around the world to access it. Also there is no better place to promote an application about MUN at an actual MUN conference. This way everyone would have a live MUN dictionary in their pockets that they can use whenever they are not sure about something. To promote MUN, the application can be placed on the notices, hoping that it will help to promote the club, having more members join the club.

Impact on Society

MUN is a club where it gets everyone aware of the global issues that are happing in the world right now. It is a club that helps us students prepare for the real world and the different issues that we will face. It also improves debating skills and on the spot speech writing skills in students which would be a very useful skill to have in our future life. So overall, MUN is great help to use students and I hope my application would promote the club so new members would join every year.


One thought on “Technology- Relaunch Evaluation

  1. Testing well done. Evaluation of work at each stage included but not very in depth. Addressed design specifications reasonably well. Little reflection on ways to improve.

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