Music- Copy Performance Final Reflection

After the first performance you created a plan describing how you were going to reach your goal. What were the main points of your plan?

After the first performance, our group plan was to practice the song as a whole and then take sections of the song and practice it in more detail. This way we would be 100% sure that single sections of the song would be flawless and perfect on performance day. To challenge ourselves ever more, we set ourselves a goal to try to remember the music instead of looking at the score. This would make us look a lot more professional on stage and won’t have the trouble of printing the music or the fear of losing the music.

Evaluate in detail the effectiveness of your plan and how it allowed you to improve your performance?  What was the most effective strategy in your preparation for your performance?

I think by looking at our final performance it can be seen that our plan worked pretty well. We didn’t have any major errors like in the last performance and the quality of sound was much better this time.  By practicing the solo section multiply times, I learned to listen to the guitar so I would know when to play each note and keep us together. So I believe running through the song a lot of times is the most effective strategy for me for preparing for my performance. By running it through a lot of times, mistakes that has not be discovered before appear, giving us chances to fix them before we have to perform.

Evaluate in detail the effectiveness of the steps taken by the members of your group.  Did these steps work – why or why not?  


For this second performance, time wasn’t on our side. We had limited time to practice and space was also limited. This is why we used our time very wisely knowing that we don’t have much time before the final performance was to happen. Also we didn’t have any extra practice outside of class time, this shows that our in class time management was very well managed.


This time it was quite hard to be organized. Instead of being split into two, while one class does theory and the other does practical, now everyone is doing practical. This causes trouble for the amount of equipment the school has and the amount of people needing them. Space to practice was also limited, so what my group ended up doing was to share the space and equipment with another group. We would split the lesson in half where the other group starts to practice first, afterwards at the half time mark of the lesson we would switch over. This way we would have time to practice and talk to each other on what we need to improve on.


Being part of a band means that you must commit to it, without a single band member the band would fall and break apart. This is why commitment is very important when you are in a band. I feel that all of my band members were committed in practice sessions and we were always on task. We were focused throughout the practice sessions and progressed slowly to the finish.

Knowledge and Understanding 

After having the first performance, I think everyone in my group has a much better understanding of what the song is about. This would help us musicians play the piece better because it will add and bring emotion and feeling to the piece. This would convey the message that we are trying to send in a stronger and much more meaningful form.

Skills Acquired 

There were many technical challenges that needed to be faced and resolved. The bass line of this song was very hard and Daniel spends a lot of time practicing at home. At the last performance, everyone got lost at the end of the solo part, this is why we practiced that part a lot of times to get everything right. These are the technical challenges that we faced but through practice they were overcome.

Criterion B Grade 

I believe that I got a 7 for Criteria B. I didn’t actually chose an instrument that is challenging for me to play, instead I stuck with something that I am very comfortable playing, the violin. I didn’t need to research on method of playing the violin as I have been playing for quite a long time. Every rehearsal, I do bring my own violin from home to use to play, this is because the strings from the schools violin are getting very bad and the sound isn’t right. I practice the piece at home, so it would help me remember the piece by heart. After the first performance, I received feedback from my peers and used this feedback to improve on my performance. Over all I think I did a great job in this unit, but next time I need to challenge myself more in order to achieve a better grade.

If you were to repeat this process, what would you do differently? Why?

If I was to redo this process I would try to challenge myself. I feel that in this unit I didn’t actually push my musical abilities to the limit. This didn’t actually help me learn anything new in this unit except how a stringed instrument would contribute to pop song. Also I would try to develop my own vocal skills further, as the voice is a very important instrument to have. Apart from this, I think this unit went well as a lot of freedom and decision making was given to the students. I enjoyed it very much.

Second Performance


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