Humanities- Big Blue Evaluation

This unit was quite and fast unit, it feels like just yesterday when we first started it. After developing a action plan our group followed it pretty well. There were some challenges that our group had to face and one of them was that not all of our group members are here. Jessica and Savir was sick for some of the lessons and I had Jump! leadership training. This caused us to have one or two people in class for each lesson, instead of the full group. Even though this was a bad side, but we still managed to develop a quite good presentation, except Savir was sick on presentation day, so the presentation was never used.

The action plan was very logical and suitable for our group to use, it gave appropriate time for what we need to do in each stage. Our topic being on international water conflict was quite a hard and challenging topic to present on, because a lot of different factors causes this issue to happen, like economic and political affects. This helped us develop our sub-topics to this unit, and the key understandings for each. These sub topic were chosen very well and allowed me to expand my knowledge on the laws of ocean. I learnt how small islands can cause conflict between two nations that before had a very welcoming relationship and also how oil and natural resources is always the reason behind major conflicts. I also learnt about the UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of Seas) and how it slowly changed during the past few decades.

To improve this unit, I think a bit more class time should be given to work on the presentations, an extra lesson would make a difference. After going to the GIN Conference in Manila, I think the Compass idea can be incorporated into this unit. Using the compass (Nature, Social, Economy and Well-being) we can clearly touch each topic we did in this unit with a much deeper understanding and can clearly explain our unit question of “Are we Living on the Edge?”

I believe what I have learnt from this unit ties in  closely with what I face in real life. As part of the MUN Club at NIST, the information I have learnt from this unit would help me in the future when the topic of maritime safety and ocean disputes come up. I really enjoyed this unit, and how we get to create our own presentations to present to the class. This unit also gave me information about the real problem at hand and how we are closer to getting pushed over the edge.


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