Personal Project- Specifications and Plan


  1. The presentation must be more than 10 minutes long.
  2. The presentation must include some kind of visual aid.
  3. The presentation will be well rehearsed and well planned out.
  4. The presentation must provide at least 5 suggestions to help improve the NIST environment.
  5. Must include research from a primary source.



Start with secondary research using sources other than the internet.
Start to communicate with primary sources through email and or personal interview.


Continue to conduct research using the sources found last month.
Visit libraries and try to find new


All the research about environment should be complete.
Start to work on presentation.
Conduct research on how to give and create a good presentation.
To book a time so it can be presented to the admin team.


Continue to research about how to create and give a good presentation.
Finish making presentation.

Present to the admin team and complete the product.


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