Personal Project- Basic Research

After discussing my personal project topic with my dad, he gave me some guidance on how to approach this project. He suggested looking at using real environment models and guidelines that has already been created by organizations to use as guidelines when creating the project. The main organization he mentioned was the International Organization for Standardizing (ISO) and its 14000 series program. This series is a family of environmental management that help organizations minimize their impact on the environment, comply with local law and regulations and finally to continue to improve the above [Wikipedia]

ISO 14000 “provides guidelines on the elements of an environmental management system and its implementation, and discusses principal issues involved. [ISO 14000]“. The ISO 14000 project is set up for factories and/or big organizations. But these guidelines can easily be transformed and adapted to the NIST community.

Looking at this, I think it is possible to base most of my presentation on ISO 14000, as it is a big organization and well accredited, it will help to make a better impact at school.


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