Personal Project- Sources Evaluation 1

I have started to conduct my research and I have identified some very useful sources, both primary and secondary.

Primary Source

Interview with Dad
My dad works in the United Nations Environmental Program, which is a section of the UN that is dedicated to help improve the quality of the environment. He works in a very narrow field and works to protect the Ozone Layer. He still however knows a lot about some different ways and organizations or programs are designed to help big organizations or communities to become more environmental friendly. He was a very reliable source to me and also provided guidance to help me.

Secondary Sources

Internet Sources
There are a lot of information on the internet, and as usual I went to Wikipedia as a starting point to my research. Wikipedia gives a general information but looking at the “Also See” and “Reference” sources at the bottom, more good websites can be found that can be used.

Using the library research catalog, I have managed to find some very useful about the environment. Even though these papers don’t really give ideas for me, but it this is still the first stage of my research so they can lead me to other things later.


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