Rustic Pathways Cambodia Floating Village Trip- Day 1

After arriving at the airport, I immediately saw the Rustic Pathway group that had arrived in Bangkok a couple hours ago. They were about to check into the final flight of their very long day. The flight from Bangkok to Phnom Phen. I went up and greeted the group leader and told him my name. This was how I met up with the Rustic Pathway group. After checking in myself, I joined the group and proceed through immigration and went on to the boarding gate.

This was when I really started to make a lot of new friends. Even though everyone is going to Phnom Phen but there are a lot of different programs in Cambodia. I met up with people also doing the Floating Village Project and began talking and making new friends.

The flight to Phnom Phen was short, it went by in a flash. Upon existing the airport, the Cambodian Rustic team were waiting for our arrival . They were all very friendly  and I started to get to know them. A van took the 6 of us to the hotel which we were going to spend the night at. We left our luggage there and went straight to dinner.

Dinner was at a small restaurant next to the river. They had a range of different food from western all the way down to the local specials. The local staff Mr. Thai recommended two dishes. One was a Khmer curry paste and the other was beef with sweet and sour sauce. I gave the curry a try and it turned out to taste very good.

After dinner, we went to have a walk along the river. The night life of Phnom Phen was very rich; there were people jogging, playing football and there was even a dance competition. Others just came out to enjoy the light cold breeze from the river. We stopped for ice cream at a shop called, “Blue Pumpkin”. According to Mr. Thai, this is a chain store and we shall see another one of these in Siem Reap.

Even though it is just 9 o’clock but everyone is tired from flying to different places. So it is time to go to bed. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Genocide Museum and take a look at the killing fields where it happened. But for now I am very looking forward to sleeping.


Food Eaten:
Khmer Curry


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