Personal Project- Criteria A, Using the Process Journal

The process journal is somewhere where we talk about our progress. Right now I think I am at a level 3. This is because I haven’t been updating my blog monthly. This is because I have kept all my research and elsewhere and haven’t had time to update my blog. I have demonstrated communication skills with my supervisor as I have always emailed her or went to talk to her to set up my meetings with her. Also I would communicate with her to see if I am up to date with my blog posts, showing my organizational skills. On the other hand, I have demonstrated some information literary skills as all my research are not yet posted on my blog. Finally I need to reflect more on my work and make sure I am regularly updating my blog.

To improve my grade, I should add all my research into my blog, this would demonstrate my information literary skills. Also I should add all of the email communications I have with my adviser onto the blog to further demonstration my communication skills. This would hopefully make me get a better grade for my process journal.


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