Science- Teaching Waves

Having a full 80 minutes of class to teach doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do, but when you actually get down and start planning the lesson it gets hard, that is why we were lucky enough to work in groups of 3s and 4s. My topic of teaching waves was “Standing Waves” and I got the job of teaching the formula of standing waves. The formula of standing waves wasn’t a hard one and it is based on what we have learnt before so it makes my teaching a bit easier. Before the teaching day all of our group members got together and talked about our class and made a final plan and procedure of what everyone was going to do. We created a Dropbox so everyone can place their bibliography and power point slides in one place. At home when we couldn’t reach each other that easily a Facebook chat was created so we can talk to each other and this would avoid some group members not getting the information.

The whole period went well, the feed back I got was all very positive. They all said that the formula was well explained and easy to understand. Everyone liked how some questions were done as a class and the math was shown step by step, this would help some people that might not be as strong in math. The step by step would give them a clearer understanding of how the answer is found. Some suggestions for improvement got was to add some harder questions types next time as most of the questions are simple ones with only a few complex questions at the end. Most people didn’t feel that they could answer a level 6 question in a test so that is something I must consider next time I teach a lesson.

Overall our group collaborated well and communicated well with each other which helped us to succeed in this lesson.


One thought on “Science- Teaching Waves

  1. It was a great lesson Zeyu and you have a very friendly nature which made teaching some difficult math more accessible. Remember that not everyone gets new ideas as quickly as others and we need to find a suitable pace with different levels of questions. Level 6 questions need more than just recalling and applying information. Think about how you could change the way you ask a question to get a more detailed answer that requires some analysis or evaluation. I hope you have seen some methods that suit your learning style, and how a very effective strategy is to explain a concept to another person without any notes! Well done on a great lesson.

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