Personal Project- Ideas


Our school is a very energy consuming school, using lights and conditioning on a daily basis. When creating this energy, Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. As a green house gas it contributes to global warming. To cut down on our CO2 emissions trees needs to be planted. The Oval can be a solution to this issue. The Oval itself has created a lot of problems in the past. When it rains hard, the Oval becomes muddy and it quite a long time to dry. Also on normal days when people play on the Oval, the grass would die causing it just to be dirt and sand. So instead of growing grass, the Oval can be changed and trees can be planted on it. This can offer shade and picnic tables can be placed under these trees making it a perfect place to study and learn. Also parts of the oval can be turned into gardens, where the elementary children can grow things and learn the life cycle.

Secondary Building Roof 

The roof of the Secondary Building is very boring and plain. There is no solar panels or any
type of life. This space can be transformed into a roof top garden. This again would help minimize our carbon footprint but it also can make our school and greener place. This can also serve as a study area for students. Solar panels can be added as an extra layer on top of the garden. This would give shade to the children studying there and also provide clean and free energy for the school to use. 



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