Personal Project- Email with Green Panther – Cha Patra-Yanan

Hey Zeyu!

ISB has progressed a lot in the past recent years. There has been a lot of things that our club has done to make our school greener, but also a lot of big projects that our school and community has done.

In the past 5 years, our club has been responsible for the ban of plastic bottle sales in our cafeteria, we also ordered really nice water bottles and encouraged the use of water bottles. All around our school we also have recycling bins which sort trash, and all the students usually abide to the sorting. What we find most effective, is if you educate the student body first about why plastic bottles are bad for the environment and their health. As always, whenever you make an environmental change, there will be complaints. But we find that if you educate and make them aware of the changes first, the complaints can minimize. The school has also supported this change by improving the water fountains around school to provide really fresh, cold water. Our club has also banned plastic bags in grocery stores within our community with the use of a Carrotmob, which I’m sure you remember from the ICE conference.

Some of the changes our administration and school has employed is the encouragement of vegetarian and organic food. All of our cafeteria food is organic, but every monday the majority of the food choices are vegetarian and we always offer a lot of vegetarian dishes. The school also invested a lot of money in using all fluorescent energy saving lights, and energy saving air conditioners.
Also, our school recently finished a new building called the CCT building. They put in a lot of money and effort to make this one of the most eco friendly buildings in Thailand, and this building received the LEED award. This building does a lot of things such as stores rain water for energy, reflects sunlight and heat, and has a controlled conditioning system so it monitors the air conditioners for the entire building, making sure none of them use too much energy.
Another thing the school invested in, is switching to using eco-friendly paper. Paper that uses less trees to produce. We are also shifting more and more towards electronic homework to minimize paper waste. All the napkins and paper cups in the cafeteria are also bio degradable.

Finally ISB monitors it’s energy usage every year, and try to decrease by 5% each year but this year we are aiming for 20%, because the previous year it went up by 2%.

In the future ISB hopes to establish an organic garden on our campus, this idea was inspired from a guest speaker we had from the Bali Green School.

Hopefully this helps, and I hope NIST can make changes that will benefit the environment 🙂
On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 8:33 PM, Zeyu HU wrote:
Hello Cha,

For my Personal Project I am creating a presentation on how NIST can improve its environment, this would be presented to the NIST Admin Team.

From the ICE conference, I know you are one of the leaders for Green Panthers so I hope to gain some information about what ISB is doing to make their school a greener place.

What are some changes you have made to the school that makes ISB a greener place? Does ISB use energy efficient light bulbs and do you guys have solar panels or are there some other thing you ISB use to become more eco-friendly?

Thanks for your time in answering these questions,

Zeyu Hu


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