Music- Jazz Performance Goal

My goal for this jazz unit is to perform improvisations at the speed of which Stephane Grappelli can. This is a quite a challenge for me as improvisation is something new for me. In classical music, the Cadanza of a concerto is meant to be improvised by the soloist, but nowadays it is written down and improvisation no longer occurs. Over the last few lessons, playing Centerpiece and Blues Legacy I have started to develop my improvisation skills, but it is still very basic and errors are frequent. In order to reduce the errors and increase my speed, I need to get use to the Blues Scale. This means that I would have to practice the scale at home and get use to it so notes would come naturally to me, which would help to increase my speed. Also Stephane used a lot of legato when he played his pieces, so I would play my scale using legato to practice the long smoothing bowing of Stephane. Doing all of these technical exercise would help me achieve my goal for this unit.



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