Music- 1st Class Reflection

I VI II V progression in C

Today in class, we finally got into our groups and started to make some music. After looking through my self specifications for Criteria B, Mr. David suggested some changes that I could make. This was mainly to change the scale which I said that I will improvise on. In this song, it doesn’t follow the blues scale so to improvise on that scale can cause problems. This is why notes of a broken 7th chord would be used instead. This song follows a I VI II V structure and when the 7th chord is hit notes from that chord can be used to improvised on. This is actually quite a challenge for me because I have never done any sort of improvisation myself before. So I will be stepping out of my comfort zone for this unit. The original music for Blue Moon was written in the key of E flat major, but to guitar players, this key is very hard to play in. This led to the decision to transpose the score into G major. This would make it much easier for the guitar player.


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