Music- 5th Class Reflection

Today was our last lesson to practice our song. On Thursday we would be performing down at the Gallery. Our main focus for this lesson was to restructure our song and make sure that we are all in sync. In order to shorten our song, Tobias and I wont be singing the song any longer, we are going to have a simple structure like this:

Part A
Part B
Part A
Part B
Part A
3 Times Turn around

This structure is concise and right to the point, also it cuts short the song by a very long time. We practiced the song by just playing the chord and found out that I have been playing the wrong note which causes the very bad sounding sound that comes out as the chord doesn’t match the note. Once this problem has been found than we practiced the piece through quite a lot of times. At the end of the day, all three of us felt confident to play on Thursday (Y).


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