Music- Opera Reflection

Our new unit is all about composition. Composing a piece of music requires a lot skill and knowledge, but there is also techniques and ways that will make composition easier. Repetition is one of the major keys to composition. Repeating a melody can make the listener remember the melody as seen in Beethoven Fifth Symphony. But hearing the same tune over and over again can make the listener get bored of it quite easily, that is when the next key factor comes in, variating the music. The theme is still there in the melody but the beat, tempo or notes are variated. These steps were taken to create the music for each character for our opera. After getting this main of each character, we tried to combine it with the story line that was given to us. This required some variation of the melody line. In order to connect two scenes together, we made bridges so that the music would flow. Our big group worked well together and if we continue to do this, we would create a great opera.


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