PE- Dance Reflection

How did you address the unit question: How can I incorporate my interests, culture and experience in the dance I created?

The song chosen for the dance unit was Rick Ashley’s “Never Going to Give You Up“. This is an old classic and I have always wanted dance to it. Also as my group aren’t all very talented at dancing, we decided not to go with a very fast paced song. This would make it easier for us to dance to the music and make up moves along with it. I personally like to dance but I am not a very good dancer. In my solo I incorporated a few single but advanced moves that I have learnt showing my interest in dance.

What feedback did you and your partner use to improve your composition and performance?

Two classes before the performance, Zen came into class to give us feedback on what we could do to improve our dance. This was quite valuable to us as it was getting feedback from a dancer that has a lot experience. Zen told us to not move on every beat, but instead have movements spanning over two beats. This makes it easier to fill in some beats and won’t make the whole dance looked rushed when we perform it. Mr. Erik would also give us feedback on what we should do to improve. He would come in and check on us and give us his suggestion on what we should do in order to improve our dance. Finally we also got a chance to perform our dance to half of the class. This gave us some good feedback especially when it was coming from our peers, even though their feedback was brief and simple, it gave us the chance to continue our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses.

What problems or challenges did you encounter in creating your composition and how did you manage them?

One of the problems that we faced during this unit was how I missed some lessons of dance due to SEASAC. This caused our group some valuable time meaning that when I got back we only just got started with everything. Even though we started late, it didn’t affect us in the end. We managed our time and caught up with where we should be. Apart from this our group worked very well together and managed to get the task at hand completed in time.

If you were to complete the process all over again, what would you do differently?

If the whole project was to be done again, firstly I would have used a range of different movements instead of basing every movement only on one single move. Also having more levels with our performance would help us make the performance much more interesting. Also our group consists of 2 boys and one girl. We could have used this gender mix to our advantage by creating some sort of story that is contained inside the dance.

Did you enjoy the process of composition and were you happy with your final performance?

I was very happy with the final product that we as a group produced. The process of composition was great fun. We would use the lyrics of the song to create the movements for our dance. Sometimes when we have no idea what to do, everyone would have their own opinion and we would put these opinions together and come up with our final movement. The final dance we created together was something that I have imagined, it was formal because of the suits we wore but it was also cheesy as well, which fit the song quite well.

How did you show respect and sensitivity to your partner/s?

As our group consist of 2 boys and 1 girl we tried to respect each other. We all knew each other quite well and so this helped us to get along. During the dance we didn’t have a lot of physical contact with one another and respected each other about what they wanted to do or what they didn’t. We would then us what others feel to make up our moves from there.

Did you show enthusiasm and commitment to the task? Why/ Why not? Explain how you were enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm was defiantly shown during the task. We as a group worked well together and were committed to the task. We didn’t need any extra time outside of class to complete our dance, only class time was used. This shows that we were quite organized and knew what we needed to do.


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