Music- Film Music Practice

Our new unit about film music is all about composition. To practice for our coming up project, a smaller practice project was assigned to us. This is for us to learn the basic of Sibelius and also learn a few tricks and techniques about composition in Sibelius.

We were given a video clip of a film that the last years Year 11’s made for their MYP graduation ceremony. It is a short clip that is a minute and a half long and the music has been removed from it. We were asked to compose a piece of music that fits the short clip of video. I don’t have much composition experience for film before so I just looked at the video and tried to imagine a melody in my head and putting that on paper. I decided to have the key be in E major is because I am currently playing pieces in E major in the violin and it sounds bright and happy which fits the mood of this video clip. I slowly built on the whole piece and then used music to help describe what is happening in the video clip.

I sort of ran out of ideas at the end of the piece which was why it didn’t actually fit the film. Also I tried to use scales and arpeggios to my music when there is a feeling of up and down this would make the listener feel much into the clip. Next step I would use the experience from this practice round and apply it to the real major project that we have coming up. It was a create experience creating film music and I am looking forward to the real project.


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