Music- Research Notes

The function of music in film
Music can be used to depict time and place of the setting
Convey character ideas
Highlight mood or atmosphere
To communicate to the audience
Changing emotions
Manipulating sounds within silence
Qualities and characteristics of the sound
Pitch, volume, duration, and timbre
Choose sound qualities with care
Four qualities of the sound
Tempo and texture
Different themes for different scenes.
Variations of the themes

Enormous range of size
Range of emotions
1930s and 1940s
Spectacular sounds are expected for spectacular scenes

The Entertainer
The Sting
Marvin Hamlisch
Rag Time
Marching tempo
Syncopated right hand melody
Two beats per bar
Left hand rhythm
Clarinet tuba piano trumpet drums
Prohibition era
5 sections Rondo ABACA
Rhythmic pattern
Tied notes being accented
Semiquavers rest on the first beat of the bar
Not groupings of semiquavers and quavers create crochet beats
Simple duplo
Two crochet beats in a bar
Plot of the sting


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