Music- Composition Reflection 1

Today I decided to crap my old composition as it didn’t take me anywhere and decided to start a new one. This time instead of adding all the instruments that I want all at once, I decided to just start with the piano and a few percussion instruments. Then after developing the melody and the base on the piano, I pictured what insturnments would go well with the melody then experimented by adding to it. This makes it much more logical and easier for me to continue with my melody without worrying with what insturnments I should place it as. I believe that I shall continue to use this method to complete my composition. The melody is going strong and I am trying to sync the music with the video right now. 



One thought on “Music- Composition Reflection 1

  1. Hi Zeyu — there’s nothing wrong with ‘crapping’ a composition — but don’t throw it away completely. There may be an idea or two in there that you’ll use later down the line – perhaps in DP. Can you discuss how the elements you are choosing relate to your choice of film and the way you’d like to depict character, emotion, atmosphere, or sense of place of time in your next reflection please? Also as you start to do your research into film music (criterion A), discuss how you will apply what you have learned to your own work. An embeded you tube clip of the video in the blog would be very helpful as well. Good luck!

    — Mr. D

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