Music- Composition Reflection 2

Today was quite a productive lesson. I liked what I started off doing last lesson so I am going along with this idea and continuing to develop on it. The Alto Saxophone plays the melody line for my composition. I gave the Saxophone the main part because the timbre it produces gives everyone a very relaxed mood with a bit of feeling. It gives the beach atmosphere which is where this Tom and Jerry video is set. As the video pans across the beach, there are a few characters that show up. I have matched a sound with each individual or group of cats working out. The first cat that shows I added a very high piano key. This sounds like the sets of weights crashing against each other. Next character I originally went for the tuba because the cat was big and bouncy but this since it is also a brass instrument conflicted with the melody. So I decided to go high with the piccolo  instead to spread out the difference. Next lesson I would try to match the other characters with music. This would be so much easier if the program wouldn’t lag my video. In order to fix the problem, I had to restart my computer and work the program again to prevent any lag.


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