Music- Composition Reflection 3

After last lesson, I sent my work in to Mr. David for him to check my composition. After receiving feed back from him, I changed my composition accordingly. First I changed the introduction of my composition to 5/4. This is an odd time signature and it helps me fit the strange rhythm that I have created at the start. I have synced a instrument with each specific cat in the beginning of the clip. Then in the middle of the composition I switched into a compound beat the 6/8. This switch was made because I wanted a much more gentle feel to my music. This could be done with this compound two time beat. I decide to have Tom to be played on the violin as I want to make sound quite relaxed and soft, even though later on in the clip he gets pretty violent. Jerry will be played using the tenor saxophone. This choice was made because unlike Tom, I wanted Jerry to be quite playful and I thought the saxophone can do that job. I still have quite a lot to do, I am also starting to do some work at home, which would hopefully let me catch up with where I want to be.


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