Music- Composition Reflection 4

Today was quite a productive lesson, I made quite a few changes to my score and I believe the changes made the composition much better. First of all Tom’s theme could not be played on the violin. It couldn’t be heard above all of the other woodwind and brass instruments that I have used. Tom’s instrument has been changed from a violin to the oboe, this choice was made because the oboe is low and high but it gives a feeling like that the note always has a base. This is what I would like people to hear when the piece is heard. Jerry’s instrument has also been changed because the Saxophone doesn’t have a wide range of notes and also it didn’t really fit the feeling of Jerry that I was trying to get across. I went back to the clarinet, which produced the sound that I wanted. With that old type of feeling incorporated into it. I have also started to work on my composition a bit at home, this helps me to move forward with my composition and hopefully finish it before the holidays.


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