Music- Composition Reflection 5

There is only one more music lesson before the holidays. Today in class I realized that I have finished my whole composition. After showing Mr. David, he suggested that I do some minor adjustments in some places of the piece but other than that it is fine. The whole piece consists of two sections, the long introduction and the story of Tom and Jerry. Using the instruments I have chosen, I think I have successfully set the mood for the clip that I have chosen. The first introduction part I gave each cat a different theme. This was synced to what they were doing and if just by listening to the music it would sound quite chaotic but with the video everything would make sense. The second part is like a conversation between the clarinet and oboe. By using different notes, I managed to create a different feel. Like in the last part when Tom blows Jerry up, I used an arpeggio scale and when Jerry was flying wildly 32th notes were used to create the flying affect. My next step is try to enhance the sound quality from Sibelius. This would require a number of steps and Mr. David said he will help me with this next lesson.


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