Music- Composition Reflection 6

Today was just a day to experiment with my piece. First Mr. David sent me to the Mac Lab on the art floor to play around with garage band and see if they can enhance the music. This didn’t work so I took my piece to Khun Surasak and he enhanced the music for me. Below is my final composition, enjoy ~


One thought on “Music- Composition Reflection 6

  1. Zeyu — this is a really good piece of work. The two sections you have created contrast so nicely and the first sections is exceptionally creative. My only quibble is that there are not harmonic changes in the second section. The repetitive ostinato gets a bit monotonous. It would be perfect if you had some movement in the harmony — either that or scrapped the harmony altogether and got rid of the ostinato. This might be worth a try.

    Your investigation is very thorough and your reflective work shows monitoring of feedback from others as well as strong self-evaluation skills.

    Overall, a very good piece of work!

    — Mr D

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