Science- Enzymes and Test Preparation

Tests are going to be a big part of life in the diploma program. Most of the time will be used to revise for these tests that is going to account for 75% of the final grade. I revise for my test in quite a lot of different ways. First I like to revise on my own and try to remember what I can. But as I start to get to questions where I do not know the answer to, I will start to ask my class mates for the answer. For this test I was fortunate enough to revise together with some friends and this helped me as they can help test my knowledge and also correct something if I get it wrong. I also have some friends in year 12 who take biology, I would sometimes ask them questions that my classmates wouldn’t know the answer to. They would give me good answers and sometimes even more than I ask for, learning more in the process. I tend to be too confident in knowing everything and sometimes I think I know the subject, but when getting quizzed by my class mate I would not get everything right. This is why I like getting quizzed so I can know what I actually know and don’t know. This method seems to work for me and I would like to continue to use this for next year.

The essay really gave me good insight on biotechnology and how enzymes makes the world a better place. But it can also cause a lot of ethical and social issues that everyone has a different view to. Even though its helping the world, it is also starting a lot of debates that are very hard to conclude. Doing some further reading, I have realized that there are so much more interesting information about enzymes that we didn’t cover. Things like the metabolic pathways and also the induced fit model, these concepts might be hard to get but they were very interesting to read about. I would like to explore this further on my own and just read about the things that interest me.


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