Community and Service- Reflection

The Issue

The issue that I have taken action on this year is about Human Trafficking. After hearing Matt Friedman talk about it at the ICE conference last year, I got truly inspired. This is why I decided to lead a service group along with Irene to address this local issue.

What did I do?

There were many activities that I did throughout the year, we had a the ISARA chocolate sale that was the most successful. By selling chocolate at valentine’s day, we managed to raise awareness about the issue of fair trade and how human trafficking is involved in the chocolate industry.

Who did I do it with?

I did this event with my ISARA service group.

When did I do?

This event was in the month of February. The sell of chocolates were from the 1st of February to 8th. The chocolate were delivered at the morning of the valentines day.

How well did I do my action?

The event was very successful. We managed to sell out our stock of 600 chocolates in a time space of 3 days. This is a new event so a lot of people are excited about it. There was also a little note (printed on recycled paper) inside each chocolate bag that stated a fact about this issue. This way awarness was raised and chocolate was enjoyed at the same time. This is definitely an event that will happen next year and for the years to come.


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