Music- Final MYP Reflection

Over the last two years, I have had many musical experience in and out of class. The best music experience outside of class would have to be performing with the Bangkok Charity Orchestra. Performing with an orchestra is very different from playing alone. The players in the orchestra are of a high level so it helped push me forward. I also got exposed to a lot of different major symphonies and concertos and got to play with some professional violin and piano soloists. In class, there were two major music experience that I will cherish deeply. First was when I got a chance to write my own song. I have always wanted to write a song and I finally got a chance to do so here. The other experience is during the jazz unit. I have only been exposed to classical music, but after this unit I got a better idea of Jazz and learned to appreciate it more.

I think the greatest success in music was learning about the different types of music, such as Jazz and African Music. Also now that I have matured and be able to approach a new piece of music without the help of my teacher. This skill will be very important for me when I no longer have a teacher but still need to play big pieces. Playing pieces with Tobias helped me get an idea of playing a duet and the skills that is needed to do so. A failure of mine would be that I didn’t actually play a wide range of pieces, I am much more focused on classical pieces but should think about playing different styles of pieces.

Music helped me develop me as a person. I learnt to enjoy and love classical pieces and also appreciate them for what they are. I have learnt the theory of music and now sometimes if I am bored I can just analyze the music that I hear. It is quite a fun thing to do. It will play a major role in the future for me. I could be playing in a bar to make some extra money on the side or just playing for the joy of my self. In my spare time I also wish to compose music and maybe have the possibility as a future career option. Music will forever be part of my life and I will definitely look back at the two years of MYP music that I had.


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