GCD Communication – Rustic Pathways Presentation

During the summer of year 10 to year 11, I got a scholarship to be part of one of the Rustic Pathway’s service program with the recommendation from my current geography teacher, Mr. Dorn. When I got back from the trip, as part of the deal under the scholarship, Rustic Pathways required me to give a presentation on the experience I had come across during the trip.

The only chance I could to do this presentation was at an assembly with my year level of 100 some people. I had prepared my presentation way ahead of time and practiced a few times. But knowing myself, I would get nervous on the spot and even might not know what to say anymore. I did a quick Google search on things to do and ways to prepare for such a event. Following the advice from my research, I wrote down a few points on paper so I could refer to it when I needed to. I also practiced the presentation out loud to a wall. Delivering my presentation out loud would allow me to hear how it sounded instead of thinking it in my head, as I am sure we have all used the phrase “it sounded better in my head”.

Through this presentation, I was able to gain knowledge about what sort of public speaker I am and improve my communication skills. I am that sort of person that might seem confident on the outside, but on the inside I am actually quite nervous. The start of the presentation was very hard for me. My hands were sweating and my heart was beating faster, I couldn’t do anything to make it better except carrying on. After a few minutes, my heart slows down and I have gotten into the rhythm of presenting. This was the moment when I feel like myself again and begin to present like myself. This weakness of mine has always been with me and it doesn’t matter how many presentations or speeches I have done, I would always be nervous at the start. I feel my comfort levels increases when I feel like the event is not as formal, but when it is in a formal setting, I get nervous. Sometimes when I say things too fast, I tend to slur everything up which causes confusion as the audience won’t know what I am talking about. Now that I fully understand my weakness, I am able to improve on this for the future.  I would think about my presentation in my head, as in run it through before I present and get comfortable with the environment so I don’t feel nervous when I am on stage. Also in order to become a better communicator, I would need to control my talking speed to ensure that I would speak slowly. To improve communication, I would try to practice to keep a set tempo, as in follow the beating of my heart (although sometimes it’s beating very fast). This would allow me to keep the tempo and not rush through my presentation.

And now here is the presentation:

The presentation itself went well in my opinion. The feedback from my classmates were quite positive. I was glad to share my experience with them.


One thought on “GCD Communication – Rustic Pathways Presentation

  1. Great post, Zeyu. It is really interesting to read your self reflection on how to overcome some fears and difficulties as you grow as a learner. Also, the fact that you were sharing your experiences, is without any doubt, a very inspiring element for many of your younger school peers.

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